‘The Staying Inn’, and How Two Former Actors Dived into Interior Designing

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You need to know about the story of two former actors, who are now adding more drama to life through interior designing.

Before getting into their story, let me first take a quick survey. How many of you enjoy just being at home instead of spending time outdoors? According to the DFS team’s survey, almost 56% of the people preferred a good night-in over the good night-outs. These days people even prefer celebrating birthdays at home, while almost one-fifth of the people opted for home date-nights instead of outdoor dinners.

Russell and Jordan Staying Inn

‘The Staying Inn’, and How Two Former Actors Dived into Interior Designing

So, if more people are getting inclined to home – then they would surely need a sofa for home? 

Russell Whitehead and Jordan Cluroe are the main creative directors of the 2LG Studios. The name of 2LG is inspired by the London postcode, and also when both of them moved in together, their friends started calling them Two Lovely Gays. That’s how the name.

Russell and Jordan didn’t start their career as an interior designer though. Russell explains that he was doing 8 shows a week in the West End, while Jordan was working with the televisions.

Designing was a passion thing for both, and they used to work on home decor ideas during the weekends. The shift from music to designing was smooth, but it involved a lot of learning.

The Staying Inn has been designed by the same team, adding a theatrical touch to the scene. Russell adds, that he loves the bar for their designing too. We can learn from the bar setup and add a few elements for the home, and similarly take a few notes from the home decor and add to a bar setup. Home could be made more classic, while the bars could be more comforting like home.

Russell TIPS: If you really want to impress your guests, go as wild as you can with the hallways. It’s the place where people don’t stay for a long time. 

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