The Best VR Apps and Games for the iPhone users which I found lately

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Virtual Reality has taken a big toll in the technological field in such a way that people these days look out for newer concepts, and features. They want something new! The answer to this question is probably VR, and it’s even a less-traveled path among all. When we say Virtual Reality, there are so many things that are yet to be tried and tested. Isn’t it?

Coming to the iOS users, you guys don’t have to wait for an actual VR device to be launched. Instead you can install a VR app on your phone, provided that you have a virtual headset. Install the app and enjoy the virtual reality on your phones!

4 Trending Virtual Reality Games for iOS

Honestly speaking, there are only a handful of VR apps and games that offer a quality experience. Rest all are bogus.

The VR Apps that I would like to recommend for the iOS users are given below:

Endspace VREnd Space VR

It’s a space battleship game where the player has to control his/her spaceship and fight all the coming spaceships roaming in the space. This has incredible graphics designing and coloring giving you the best VR effect.

Jaunt VRJaunt VR

What if I ask you out for a VR movie? This is possible with the Jaunt VR app that lets you watch movies, documentaries, videos and short films in a VR format! There will be categories with New, Top, and other Featured content that will help you with selecting the Best.

Also check the Olympic Channel that shows small clips with skiers, skaters, and other bobsledders sharing their viewpoints.

VR Mojo OrbulusVR Mojo Orbulus

Don’t want to pay any fare and still travel places? You can do so with this Mojo Orbulus app. As soon as you start the app you will find floating images which will take you to some other destination. Take a closer look at the pyramids of Egypt, and also enjoy the Paris view at night!

VR Roller CoasterVR Roller Coaster

There are tons of  VR apps based on Roller Coasters available on App Store, but this one by Frag is by far the most amazing one I have tried. In this virtual reality and mobile apps world, making a user-likable thing is difficult.

While the app offers you the usual ups and downs, turns and twists which are sure to make you feel dizzy!

Which VR app have you used for your iPhone? Comment your answers below.

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